14 Ways to Lose Someone's Trust
by Laurie Sudbrink on March 12th, 2015

If you’ve ever lost someone’s trust, you’ve probably red-flagged these 14 behaviors and you’ll be sure to stay guarded with these bosses, friends, and coworkers who demonstrate the following:
  1. Complain about people behind their back.
  2. Throw people under the bus to save your own back.
  3. Roll your eyes or demonstrate other disrespectful non-verbals.
  4. Never admit or apologize when you are wrong or you didn’t come through.
  5. Let little secrets slip.
  6. Say one thing, and do another.
  7. Avoid tough situations and conversations.
  8. Never be open to negotiating or hearing other’s opinions.
  9. Don’t listen. Interrupt with your own opinions and stories. One-up the other person.
  10. Assume you know everything (IKE - I Know Everything), including thoughts and intentions of others.
  11. Don’t let people know ahead of time when you can’t keep a commitment.
  12. Point out all the mistakes someone makes.
  13. Act superior.
  14. Be moody and don’t manage your emotions.
If you find yourself doing any of these, it might be time to look inside to discover your own motivation. Behaviors are powerful - people can’t see your intent. Someone might consider themselves a good leader, friend or coworker, and never realize the message these behaviors are sending to others.

What 'trust-losing' behaviors would you add to the list? Share in the comments below. And join us for this week's podcast, How to Build Trust Back Into a Relationship.

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Bring Lead with GRIT to your organization!