Would you like to provide your members with meaningful and relevant leadership development?

High quality leadership development can be very expensive. I know first hand as I provide keynotes, training, and coaching to Fortune 500’s, the US Navy, not-for- profits and small businesses around the globe. Let alone the expense, the fear of investing in something so intangible often prevents business owners and HR professionals from a positive experience – or any experience at all.

As a Wiley published author of Leading With GRIT® , and over 20 years of leadership development experience, I am planning a tour in 2017 to offer a one hour Leading With GRIT® session that includes a copy of the book for each participant- for just $30 - $35 per member!

Using real-life stories and techniques that connect with audiences across all generations and genders, my practical approach hits home at an intense and intimate level in this one hour session. For the 2017 tour:
  • I am waiving my speaking fee, a savings of over $3000, with the purchase of 50 books ($35 retail); or
  • With the purchase of 100 books, you enjoy 20% off books (just $30 each) and no speaking fee!

Enclosed please find a copy of my breakthrough book, Leading With GRIT® , for you to review and enjoy first-hand. If you believe this would be a rewarding resource for your members, please contact us to reserve your 2017 date.

If you already have a specific date in mind and want to book directly on my calendar, go to: https://LeadingWithGRIT.YouCanBook.me/

Feel free to call 585.248.9322 or email [email protected]