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Laurie Sudbrink is an engaging and captivating keynote speaker. 

Choosing the right keynote speaker for your event is key to its success. Laurie is more than just an inspirational speaker. She's fun, engaging, and incredibly skilled at communicating why GRIT® is an essential tool for the workplace. Laurie personally believes in the potential stored in every person and her passion is to help each and every person to live their best life.

Laurie created the GRIT® system - Generosity, Respect, Integrity and Truth - to provide the foundation for people to step up, take ownership, create solutions and make things happen. She is known for working with leadership teams to inspire GRIT® in the workplace and she travels worldwide to speak, consult and provide training solutions to organizations. 

"We have had the great pleasure of working with Laurie, not only as a professional speaker supporting a continuing professional education event that we hosted but also working directly with our leadership to help us better align ourselves as a team.  As a speaker, we found her to be engaging and relevant, receiving top marks, not only for her obvious subject matter expertise but due to her exceptionally effective delivery."
- Taylor White Accounting and Finance Placement

While Laurie's expertise happens to be in the workplace, after listening to her speak you’ll soon see the GRIT® tactics spill over into every area of your life.

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3-Day Leading with GRIT in the Workplace Training

In this interactive and engaging presentation, Laurie shares the GRIT® formula and how it results in authentic and lasting change, for employers and employees alike. These real life examples and pragmatic tips will help you rid yourself, and your workplace of unnecessary feelings of being stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated - and improve your personal and professional life. From this program, you will: 
  1. Hone in on what’s most important, at work and in life 
  2. Discover how alignment is the key to authenticity and getting results 
  3. Respect differences, and know how to communicate effectively to gain buy-in and align the team 
  4. Feel less stressed, and a renewed energy to lead your team to quality results

1-Hour Motivational Talk

Laurie is also available for 1-hour motivational talks (either in-person or virtually) on using the GRIT® system.  This is not for the faint of heart- this is for people who want to get results! Maybe not exactly like John Wayne did in True Grit, but with GRIT® In today’s workplace, we need tough characters, with Generosity, Respect, Integrity, and Truth. It’s what’s missing at work – and in life!

Across all industries, no matter what size, no matter what generation - we’re all being forced to do more with less. Stop waiting and hoping for a quick fix. We’re not getting more resources, the situaltion isn’t going to fix itself, and someone’s not coming to save you!

GRIT® provides a foundation that inspires people to step up, take ownership, create solutions, and make things happen! Through the concept of generosity, more happens with less! Laurie helps us discover how to get our GRIT® together and create the foundation we need to transform our workplace into a productive and enjoyable environment; a place where people:
Get more done
Respect each other
Inspire creativity
Trust and communicate openly
"The Leading With GRIT® program uses concrete, real world examples, that will ensure attendees take time to refocus on GRIT principles. Laurie is a fantastic facilitator, she has a great sense of humor and an infectious, upbeat personality. I highly recommend Laurie for corporate training and professional development courses.

- Brent Danega, PHR, Human Resources Associate
SUNY Cortland

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